Services Offered 
Please remember that with your support we can do almost anything. When planning for your Event know that if it exists we can get it and if it doesn't we can usually create it.

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Wedding/Event Services Offered


1.      Party Planner: Obviously Avi offers the services of a professional party planner. Why become flustered with all the planning involved in throwing the perfect event? For a nominal fee an expert party planner can handle the details leaving you with only having to say yes or no.


2.      Group Meeting: For the busy engaged couple, we can arrange one group meeting with the chef, party planner, photographer, sommelier, baker, florist, musicians and/or DJ. This service affords peace of mind and the comfort of accomplishing everything in one sitting.


3.      Meal Preparation & Beverage Service

Cocktail Party (Passed and Stationary)

                   Buffet Line Service                       Buffet Station Service

Plated Sit-Down                         Bakery Service

Wedding Cakes 

4.      Selecting the Appropriate Music: As part of our commitment to creating the best possible party. If desired, Obviously Avi can help find the right music for every occasion.

String Instruments/Bands            Jazz Bands

Funk Bands                                DJ’s / Cover Bands


5.      Hardware: Let Obviously Avi help you by getting all of the tables, chairs, flatware and linens for your event.


6.      Floral Arrangements: Our relationship with local farmers also grants us access to beautiful flowers and talented florists. Pay more somewhere else or allow us to help you find what you really want.

Rose Petals for Throwing            Centerpieces

Room Accents                            Decor


7.      Ambiance

Candles                                     Ice Sculptures

Books                             Chocolate Fountains


8.      Karma: Obviously Avi is a green operation. Paper, plastic, glass and metal are recycled and when possible food matter is composted. Our products are trans-fat free and we also actively use local seasonal produce which keeps business within Western, NY.


Additional Event Services


Demos / Instructional Cooking:

          Learning how to cook can be a fun way to bond with your family, friends and coworkers. Obviously Avi can teach you how to make anything you want, from appetizers to desserts and from slow cooked roasts to raw foods. We arrive with the ingredients and printed recipes ready to teach all the professional skills. 



“How do I plan the perfect party?” “How do I work with that ingredient?” “Where can I go to forage for wild fruits and vegetables?” - Let Obviously Avi’s expert staff answer all of your food related questions.



Nearly every known illness can be prevented through proper nutrition. Have you ever been interested in losing fat while building lean muscle mass? Have you asked yourself what foods you could be eating for reducing your risk of disease? “What can my father eat now that he has trouble swallowing?” – With Avi’s strong healthcare background everything from calculating caloric needs to analyzing food totals is within reach.


Food Drop Off / Prepared Meals:

          Sometimes the best way to end a long day is to celebrate with a professionally prepared meal. Sending the gift of food, arranging a weekly meal delivery or a planning a business lunch can be expertly prepared to fit your needs.


Additional Party Ideas (Any Occasion, Fully Customized Menus):


          Celebrate the Japanese art for an intimate dinner or a full party.


Tastings / Parings:

Interested in gathering your friends together for a wine pairing or a chocolate tasting? Maybe you would like to try something a bit more exotic like a mixology class, sake or tea tasting.