Hors d' Oeuvres

The best Events are designed around the client's wishes. Below is a sampling of dishes we have previously served, although we frequently create new items for every Event.

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

    pan seared flowers stuffed with smoked tomato and herbed goat cheese

Polenta with Compote

    ricotta polenta cake with strawberry-pear compote and white truffle honey

Polenta (Seasonal)

    Ancho barbeque pulled pork with rosemary polenta and bruleed candy corn 

Rosemary Skewered Duck

    Grilled duck skewers with pomegranate mole sauce and avocado mousse

Spaghetti Squash Pancakes

    Short stack squash pancakes with lemon farmer's cheese and pinenuts

Root Vegetable Blini

    Root vegetable latkes with smoked salmon mousse

Endive Cradles

An elevated version of that Belgium endive-cranberry-beet-blue cheese thing everyone does

Ahi Tuna Rice Rolls

coriander seared tuna with cucumber, avocado, pomegranate seed, mint and pea shoots, paired with mango sweet chile sauce 

Japanese Sushi

the freshest sustainable fish available served as maki, nigiri, pops and sashimi

Latin Sushi

soffritto cooked rice with grilled pork belly, plantain, papaya and guacamole

Italian Flatbreads

olive oil flatbread with white bean puree and vegetable caponata


pancetta cracker with balsamic roast chipollini onion, date puree, shaved piave cheese and greens

Lobster, Sunchoke and Roasted Tomato Bisque

chilled bisque smoked table-side with vanilla and applewood

Beef Empanadas

seared Angus beef with arugula, caramelized onion and blue cheese 

Grilled Vegetable Empanadas

grilled vegetables with smoked tempeh and queso fresca

Banana Pastry Bundle

pouches filled with cinnamon roast banana, dulche de leche, dark chocolate and sea salt

Please Don't Call These Sliders

mini black bean-pasilla chili burgers with pickled red onion and guacamole

Tarte Tatin

Wild mushrooms, herbs, and gruyere in puff pastry baked upside down

Vegetable Frittata

eggs, broccoli, caramelized onion and NYS cheddar baked in a potato crust

Field Greens Vol-au-Vent

          A one bite salad of smoked white fish, apple and buttermilk dressing

Masa Madeleines

roasted corn and aged cheddar cornbread with jalapeno crème friache

Grilled Pumpkin Bites

grilled, prosciutto wrapped cider poached pumpkin with balsamic syrup and Reggiano cheese

Rice Canapés

blended rice cooked in cherry juice, rolled in fruit powders and wrapped with shaved poached fruit (it's a yoga thing)


flaky pastry with roasted cauliflower, potato, peas and lemon grass curry

Chicken & Waffles

sweet potato waffles with maple roast chicken salad

Mixed Beet Salad

cheese tuile shell with dressed golden and red beets, apple, frisee lettuce and chevre cheese

Haricot Vert Bundles

green beans, basil, tomato and smoked gouda cheese wrapped in puff pastry

Stuffed Crimino Mushrooms

baby portabella mushrooms stuffed with sweet and sour vegetables, ginger and red miso


toasted bread with pumpkin, berry or quince preserves and ricotta salata cheese

Japanese Kabobs

Wagyu beef, eggplant and portabella yakimono with hoisin demi glace

Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leafs)

seasoned turkey with olives, roasted garlic and kasseri cheese

Tuna Tartare

spice cured tuna gravlax salad on pumpernickel flatbread

Seafood Ceviche

scallops with pico de gallo and fresh squeezed lime

Shrimp Ceviche

lightly poached shrimp served in shot glasses with tomato gazpacho

Fruit & Cheese Skewers

familiar and foreign cheeses paired with fruit to enhance the flavor profiles

Pita Fries

toasted pita fries with white bean-sundried tomato hummus and olive plate


seasonal soup prepared for practical party consumption 

Unrestricted Cheesecake

vanilla, chocolate and citrus cheesecakes served free form with fruit puree

Upside Down Cake

individual ginger-pear upside down cake with vanilla bean sauce

Apricots Cobbler

individually stuffed apricots with strusel, cinnamon-sugar and vanilla

Carrot Cake Napoleons

layers of cinnamon-ginger mousse with carrot cake and fresh fruit

Cereal Ice-Creams

golden graham, fruit loops, kix and pretzel ice-creams served on dry ice sheets