"There are no limits with food, as soon as the basic cooking methods become second nature one can flow between styles and techniques limited only by their own creativity. The beauty is the limitless potential for discovery, the danger lies in losing sight of the purpose. Even the best ingredients with the perfect execution are all worthless without people to appreciate it. As much as I am a Chef I am always first and foremost a patron of the arts." - Avi

    Avi Altman is the Executive Chef and owner of Obviously Avi a New York based food and wellness company. A Registered Dietitian as well as a Johnson & Wales University graduate, Avi has strived to create a template for functional healthy living in today's often manic world. 

    A longtime advocate of the phrase, "common sense is not common knowledge," Avi seeks to better his surroundings through local ingredient sourcing, recycling and donation.

    When not saving the world from impending doom, Avi can usually be found working with local papers, travelling, playing the drums, painting or pursuing his long-term goal of hosting a nationally televised cooking show.